The Rice Band isn’t disgusting, Baylor is disgusting.

September 17, 2016

Rice and Baylor game prompts a conversation about Baylor's rape cover ups, outrage over Rice band.


WolverineTalk313 - Harbaugh: Endless Summer

August 19, 2016

Rich and Ryan discuss the 2o16 edition of "the Summer of Harbaugh" and what it means for Michigan as a brand, a football team, and those pesky millennials.

  • Satellite Camps   
  • Rashan Gary
  • New Defensive Coordinator Don (not Doc) Brown.
  • Spring practices in Florida 
  • Notre Dame back on the schedule

WingsTalk313 w\ guest Doug Todd

December 15, 2015

Ryan and Doug discuss Steven Stamkos being mentioned in the same sentence as Detroit, What's our beef with the Game Day presentation at the Joe? The Wings are 5-1-4 in their last 10, what's wrong? And what's up with Pavel Datsyuk? 


SpartanTalk313 w/guest Droo McCarthy

November 19, 2015

Ryan and guest Droo McCarthy formerly(?) of ESPN 96.1 discuss Spartans and Ohio State coming up this Saturday at 3:30pm.


LionsTalk313: Mayhew/Lewand fired Special

November 5, 2015

Ryan and Rich discuss the firing of Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand from the Detroit Lions, and in no way poke fun at the 90 year-old woman running the franchise.


WolverineTalk313: Michigan Mental Gymnastics

November 5, 2015

Rich is back, and we check where he's been since the "loss" to Michigan State. 

Was Minnesota a trap game? We also get an inside peak at the College Football Playoff committee.. 
And we talk almost not at all about Rutgers.

Wingstalk313 w\ guest Doug Todd

October 26, 2015

Ryan and Doug discuss the aftermath of the Wings trip out west, as well as Connor McDavid and a look around the league.


SpartanTalk313 w\ guest Erich Freiny: Aftermath

October 22, 2015

Erich joins Ryan to discuss the aftermath of Michigan State's thrilling victory over Michigan, and we look ahead to Indiana.


Sportstalk313 Podcast w\ guest Sean Baligian

October 15, 2015

Sean helps Ryan and Justin break down Michigan State vs. Michigan on Saturday.


SpartanTalk313 w\ guest Erich Freiny

October 15, 2015

Red Wings public address announcer and noted Spartan Erich Freiny is our Spartans outsider. Is this the biggest version of Michigan vs. Michigan state we've seen? What do we need to see out of Connor Cook? Who will win the big game? It's all here on