SportstTalk313 Supershow

February 3, 2017

Al and Ryan discuss the ramifications of removing black trim from the Lions logo, the "BIG GAME", Ken Holland announcing that they "aren't buying" (it sounded a lot like selling), and Recruiting day in Detroit.


Sportstalk313 w/@LarimoreST313 and @AlWillmanSports 3

January 29, 2017

The guys discuss Darren Rovell's Tweets regarding producing free content, and discuss the Baylor football rape scandal and the new lawsuit filed last week.


Sportstalk313 Episode 41

January 19, 2017

Ryan and Al discuss the Red Wings status as "team with no direction." Too locked in to sell. Not good enough to buy.


Sportstalk313 Episode 40

January 13, 2017

LA Chargers (!?)
Caldwell and Stafford contract extension, yay or nay?
Are you the doofus who counts down to spring training?



Playoff Aftermath

January 8, 2017

Ryan discusses the Lions downfall on Saturday Night in Seattle.


TigerTalk313: Always October?

October 20, 2016

Ryan Larimore and Nick Shlain discuss that last decade of baseball in Detroit, what Al Avila's edict could mean for the 2017 Detroit Tigers, and beyond.  Listen 7-9am on or catch us on the TuneIn radio app.


ST313 LIVE 10-17

October 16, 2016

Ryan Larimore discusses the weekend's eveents in Detroit Sports. Lions, Spartans, Eagles, The AP Top 25 and even the Red Wings.

Hear him mornings on from 7-9am!

Monday Mourning

October 2, 2016

Lions lose to the Bears. Golden Tate benched? Caldwell on the hotseat? and more information on SportsTalk313 Radio! Our live stream on


The Rice Band isn’t disgusting, Baylor is disgusting.

September 17, 2016

Rice and Baylor game prompts a conversation about Baylor's rape cover ups, outrage over Rice band.


WolverineTalk313 - Harbaugh: Endless Summer

August 19, 2016

Rich and Ryan discuss the 2o16 edition of "the Summer of Harbaugh" and what it means for Michigan as a brand, a football team, and those pesky millennials.

  • Satellite Camps   
  • Rashan Gary
  • New Defensive Coordinator Don (not Doc) Brown.
  • Spring practices in Florida 
  • Notre Dame back on the schedule